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Deck the Halls of your RV

The Hallmark Channel is cranking out your favorite Christmas movies, hot cocoa is poured in your favorite camping mug, and those cozy socks are fresh out of the dryer.....but is your RV holiday ready? 


Photo: @Ashley.joyfullygrowing

You don't have to be spending the holidays in a 2,000 ft home to deck the halls and get festive! Your tiny home on wheels is the perfect setting for some great decorations, and the perfect opportunity for you to get creative!  Here's a few of our favorite tricks to cram maximum cheer into minimal space.

Tiny Tree

Snip20211217_18Who says your Christmas tree needs to be a Blue Spruce?  Photo: @Lindsay.Seals

We went the tiny tree route this year.  A major departure from our traditional 10' lit tree, our Christmas tree is about 14 inches tall and has nine ornaments proudly hanging. We usually buy an ornament when we travel somewhere special, so this year's tree has our most recent souvenirs on display from Beale Street, Little Italy, Hilton Head, Austin, and Biloxi.  Class A and Fifth Wheel RVs may even have room for a standard sized Christmas tree if you are creative with your floorplan! We love the spirit of Justin and Keary from "graceandsalt" over on Instagram, who removed their dining room table for December and replaced it with a good old-fashioned standard tree below with no regrets.  You do you! 



Wall Hanging



Most of us don't really have the floor space for a tree with a 360degree base. Enter--- wall hanging tree!  There are so many options for felt, tapestry, live boughs, ribbon, or any other material that fits your mood. The options above are $13 from Walmart and $90 from Crate and Barrel respectively. Buy it, make it, add your own decor... whatever works! We love this option because the storage can be as simple as folding a sheet and you're ready to go for next year!


Decor and More

Snip20211217_19Trade out your throw pillows, bath towels, rugs, dish towels, and wall decor for a festive flair. If you don't feel like storing these items, these are relatively inexpensive enough to choose a new theme each year and donate when you're finished! 

Snip20211217_20Photo: @humbills.homeontherange

Embrace the Great Outdoors!


Photo: The Braga family: @Our1Chance

Bring the inside out and use Mother Nature! Don't have room for a real tree? There's likely a beautiful tree growing nearby! Decorating a bit of the nature around you will maximize your impact and bring some cheer to the spots around you as well. Whether you put some lights and ornaments on the bushes nearby or gussy up a palm tree with tinsel, go for it!

Light it Up


Clark Griswald has nothing on you and your RV! Light up the outside of your rig and count down to the big plug-in reveal!  Our RV neighbor recently took a liking to light projector displays and inflatables, (which were NOT a fan favorite of the dogs in the neighborhood by the way,) and they certainly made the park look ready for Santa. Here are some extreme examples that we would say are a..... bit much. But hey-- Christmas comes but once a year. Go nuts.


Whether you cover your spot from head to toe in LED lights and inflatable Disney characters, or perhaps just splurge on the red and green paper plates for the month of December, there's no wrong way to let your festive flag fly. What's your style? Do you have any decoration tips for those of us in tiny homes on wheels this year? Let us know in the comments! Please consider subscribing in the green box below so you never miss a post! 

Happy travels!




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