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Ewww....People. Also-- Yay, People!

It's a tale as old as time.... an introvert falls in love with an introverted extrovert. Enter: pandemic. Enter: insane Florida housing market in favor of the seller. Enter: extended remote working opportunity. Ultimate plot twist: moving into a tiny RV addresses all those issues with the perfect solution.  

When we chose our RV over a year ago, we were in the thick of the pandemic with air travel completely off the table. One of the motivating factors for a home on wheels was my desire to travel whenever I wanted without being shackled to airline schedules and long layovers in Atlanta. (Or sprinting through the Atlanta airport, which is sweaty... and who wears a sports bra to the airport?) Specifically, I wanted the freedom to visit my grandparents whenever an opportunity presented itself. It's not surprising that the first trip on the way out of the dealership with our new RV wasn't to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, but was to my grandparents' home in Pennsylvania.

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We booked a campground a mile or two from their home and thoroughly enjoyed our uneventful maiden voyage in the height of fall foliage season up the eastern seaboard. We giggled out loud when we arrived; picturesque leaf piles and campfires were everywhere, and it was just what we had hoped it would be.  Looking back now, we were staying in a beautiful, yet completely normal, totally ordinary campground that wouldn't be noteworthy except for the fact it was a validation of the lifestyle we had been idealizing for months.

6FA0263D-00A4-45B0-AF71-824222C8EF7C_1_105_cFarma Family Campground, Greenville, PA

The freedom to travel from city to city, state to state, and safely visit with the people we love made 2020 tolerable. We could have it all: isolation when it was appropriate, and socially distanced visits with our friends and family when that was appropriate. Instead of descending upon my family members and getting 'all up in' their homes, I was able to go back to our RV after visiting during the day. When traveling through Louisiana a few months later, I was able to park in a nearby campground and visit with my childhood best friend instead of moving into her guest room for a few days during a pandemic. There is a certain magic in having your home wherever you roam, as it lets you accommodate when you need social interaction and also when you need to shut it down and play possum.  As the vibe in our tiny home fluctuates between "Ewwwwww... People." and "Yay....People!" our home on wheels lets us go with the flow and do what works for us every day as it comes. 

Full-time RVing could be a lonely prospect if you are truly an extrovert who craves lots of human interaction. Presumably due to the pandemic, most RV parks and campgrounds we've been to have extremely limited social activities on the books. Rooms that once held potluck dinners and bingo are now empty and locked. Campers, for the most part, stick to their own spots and give a friendly wave from at least ten feet away.  (This all goes out the window when our dog Bianchi is walking with us, at which time 90% of people forget about germs and rush us to pet his cute little head.) I assume that as things eventually get back to as normal as they can be, the sense of community will return to the RV collective.  We're eagerly anticipating this shift to make some friends in this full-time RV lifestyle where there is such a lacking sense of permanence.  But also.... we delight in knowing that when our proverbial batteries need recharged... away we can roll.

What has your social experience been like while RVing, whether for vacation or full-time? Have you made besties that you make travel plans with? If so, give us some pointers!  We'll probably ignore them and retreat to our 17' hidey hole, but it's nice to have options!  Happy travels!




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