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Holiday Gift Guide for the RVer in Your Life

What is the perfect holiday gift for the RVer in your life?

We've rounded up 10 great gift ideas! 



1. National Parks Pass

One of the greatest gifts we've been given in this country is our beautiful National Parks  system. Whether your nearest and dearest are full-time RVers or weekend warriors, it's a safe bet that they value experiences more than anything that could arrive in a cardboard box. You have the power to gift the entrance fee to these parks! Valid for one year, each pass covers all the passengers for the car for more than 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country! Tip-- if you are a senior citizen, military member, or have a permanent disability, you can obtain a FREE National Parks pass here to validate your status.

LMP_LogoPhone-01-400x650      LevelMate Pro App Interface

2. LevelMate Pro

When you pull into an RV camp site, the rig needs be level. More often than not, this means that campers must make adjustments from side to side and front to back. For some, this means pushing a magic auto-level button from inside their rig. For others, like me, this means some manual labor needs to happen.  Enter-- the LevelMate Pro.  This handy device is placed within your rig and works together with your cell phone to give you an accurate depiction of how level you are.  It displays a "Passenger," "Driver," "Front," or "Back" indicator with exactly how far you need to adjust to become perfectly level.  From the driver's seat, I can easily look at my phone and see exactly how many inches to adjust before that beautiful green checkmark tells me it's perfecto-- (Insert Italian chef hand kiss.)  We recommend pairing this LevelMate Pro with Andersen Levelers. With these two wish list products, leveling is a 30-second breeze.  Less time leveling, more time grilling.

1924_1024x1024Blackstone Griddle

3. Blackstone Griddle

Speaking of grilling.... no RVers gift guide would be complete without the Blackstone Griddle. In case you're not familiar with the griddle lifestyle...basically, you can make a fantastic breakfast, lunch and dinner on this bad boy. Does your RVer already have a Blackstone? Stuff their stocking with some great accessories

Snip20211207_13Techy Digital Skylight Frame 

4. Skylight Frame

When space is at a premium, every square inch counts! One of our favorite only decorations in our RV is a Skylight picture frame. Our friends and family can email or text photos directly to our digital frame. We absolutely love getting a notification that we have new pictures sent to us! Feeling connected with folks back home is comforting, and lets us have the effect of a frame gallery wall in our tiny space with one simple frame.

IMG_3099Our custom camping blanket with our favorite drinks, our RV, and our pup! 

5. Custom Camping Gear

For the camper that has everything, here you are! OK, so it's not a necessity.... but it's just cool. We love our custom blanket in the RV that we ordered from this Etsy shop.  You can also find custom ornaments, rugs, tumblers, shirts, tire covers, and any other accessory you'd like to make personalized. 


6. Colorful Campfires

This is another stocking stuffer for the camper on your list who already has all the essentials.... but hear us out.  This might actually be essential.  What's more mesmerizing than a regular campfire?  An awesome campfire that glows in different colors for hours. We'd say this one is for the kiddos... but it's for everyone.



7. Bose Sound Bar

The majority of RVs are notorious for having standard appliances and electronics that are not exactly premium. One of the first upgrades we made was to replace the speakers, which were literally paper inside. Once that was finished, we added a Bose sound bar which gives us great sound for music or TV, and can be plugged in outside if needed. We can pair Airpods through Bluetooth, so one of us (me) can stay up late and watch TV while the non-night-owls among us can sleep in silence.



8. Dewalt Portable Air Compressor 

This is one of our favorite gadgets! Before we take off in the RV, we check all the truck and trailer tires for air pressure. We love knowing that we have a portable air compressor in the truck! It runs on a 20-volt Dewalt battery, so it fits right in with the rest of our tools. We've been able to help out fellow travelers and feel confident that when the temperature changes, we're still good to go.


9. Gas Gift Cards

Fuel gift cards. There is something truly magical about pulling up to a gas pump and filling up without breaking the bank. Fuel = Freedom. It's the gift that truly never gets old.

Rounding out the list......Drumroll, please.........

Spot2Nite-NewBook (1)

10. Camping Spots! 

Last, but certainly not least, the gift that EVERY RVer will cherish........ a place to call home in their RV!  Who says money can't buy campy happiness? Download the Spot2Nite app, enter dates, browse campgrounds, and book a spot for even the most impossible giftee on your list! 

What did we forget on this list? Is there a certain special something you're hoping is under the Christmas tree?  Let us know in the comments below!  Consider subscribing in the green box below to keep up to date! 

Happy Holidays and Happy Travels!



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