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Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers

It's that time of year again! For some RVers, their rig is hibernating- snug as a bug in its winterized rug- til Spring. Some unpack their heated hoses and keep their RV furnace and space heaters running in those picturesque snowy northern campsites.  For others, (like us!), the time has come to find a southern route for the winter and keep rolling. No matter what your rig has planned for the winter, the time has come for our annual holiday gift guide! 
.RV Organization for the New Year (19)

Here are 8 gift ideas for even the hardest-to-buy-for RVer in your life.

1. Custom Patio Rug

For the RVer who has everything, give them some custom campsite decor! Personalize a patio rug with the exact rig, quote, and name you choose for an easy conversation starter at the campground. There are so many custom decor items for RVers out there, but this one is just the right amount of over-the-top.

2. Hose Organizer


Setting up and breaking down a campsite is a fine art...and one that gets refined over time. Our plastic bins seemed sufficient two years ago, but now that I've seen this hose organizer, it is definitely on our Christmas wish list! (Ah, hem.... hey, mom! You reading this?!) Clearly labeled waterproof containers make organization a breeze on setup and breakdown days.

3. Outdoor Media Projector

When I posted the photo above (courtesy of IG @mavistheairstream) on social media, I got so many comments all proclaiming loud and clear: "I absolutely love this setup!"  Therefore, this outdoor media projector lands on the must-have list for holiday gifting. Watching Monday night football with lots of friends, streaming a movie for a date night by the campfire, or binging an entire season of your favorite show in your go-to camping chair are all possibilities with an outdoor screen and projector. Sure, some rigs are wired for outdoor televisions, but there's something so nimble about a projector screen you just couldn't achieve with a bulky TV. 

4. Roadside Rescue Kit

We had a close call a few weeks ago when our hitch receiver actually came loose from the truck and the entire trailer disconnected while in motion. Although this story ends happily, this stressful situation was made a little more tolerable because we were prepared. We were able to put out reflective cones and replace our main hitch pin with an extra one, which were both clutch items to have handy while in distress.  Whether you get a kit like this one and doctor it up, or build a custom roadside go-bag with items specific to your rig, you truly can't put a price on feeling prepared to deal with nonsense when it inevitably arises. Make sure to include jumper cables, gloves, reflective markers, and a basic first aid kit to grab in a hurry if you or fellow travelers need help quickly!

5. Motion-activated RV step lights

Another item on our list this year is lighting for our RV steps. After ending up in the emergency room with a dislocated finger and sprained wrist after tripping on the steps to our rig, I knew it was time to shed some light on the subject.  There are times I don't want to blast my neighbors with the outdoor lights, but would still like a safe path marked in and out of the RV. These motion-activated lights by MORryde are the perfect solution. If you're clumsy like me... you're welcome.

6. Site Nights at the Perfect RV Park


When you give the gift of campsite reservations,  you're really gifting family memories! This is a one-size-fits-all gift any camper would be thrilled to receive! To make booking reservations simple, visit Spot2Nite to search and book a campsite without ever having to Google "Campgrounds Near _______". Instead of endless phone calls and open tabs in your internet browser, you can simply browse parks and book your site all in one place. You'll find thousands of sites available across North America, and friendly customer service provided by experienced RVers if you need any help finding the perfect spot for someone special.

7. Starlink Extension Mounting Pole

We made the switch to Starlink satellite internet and haven't looked back.... except when we're looking for that clear view of the northern sky. For the Starlinker on your list, consider an extension mounting pole. Rising above obstructions and getting 'dishy' off the ground is a wonderful thing, as the hardware itself is a big financial investment.  

8. Screen Door Latch

"How do you open this thing!?" Ever RVer has heard this question about the door when they get a visitor to the rig. RV doors are just plain weird. Installing an inexpensive screen door latch will take the guesswork out of coming and going! Is this a must-have item? Probably not.  Is this a "How cool; I wish I had that!" item that makes a perfect stocking stuffer? Yup.

BONUS- 9. Lavabox


I'm in love with this one-- I was lucky enough to see it in action at the Campground Owners Expo in Branson, Missouri. The Lavabox is just plain..... cool.  Extremely portable, durable, and no-fuss campfires are exactly our style.  You'll be seeing this  patent pending, award-winning propane campfire on Shark Tank in the Spring. No smoke. No embers. No wood to collect. Tons of fire inside a military ammo can. Are you in a location with fire restrictions? That's why these guys made the Lavabox-- it is a legal option compliant with fire bans. Did I mention the flames go four feet tall?  

Check out even more inspiration from our previous gift guide! What is on your RV holiday wish list this year? Add your must-have wish list items in the comments. Consider subscribing in the box below so you never miss a post!

Happy travels!





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