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How To Easily Book RV Spots! (Yes, Even in Florida in the Winter!)

As more and more people are hitting the open road in their shiny new RVs, we keep hearing over and over again how challenging it can be to find a campground or RV park reservation.  According to RVIA, RV ownership is at a record high with 11.2 million households owning an RV in 2021, up 62% over 6.9 million households in 2001.  That's a LOT of RVs on the road, and a LOT of RVs that are competing for the best spots on prime dates.  Fear not--- here's how to get your reservations made without breaking a sweat.

RV Organization for the New Year (9)

When you are looking for a hotel, chances are you visit Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb, or some other platform that allows you to type in where you want to go and check out hundreds of results that match your search. RV travel planning shouldn't be any different!  Spot2Nite is a mobile app and website that allows you to just type in your desired location and dates of travel and then book online without the necessity of making a single phone call. Simply look, book, and go!

(In case you aren't familiar with the antiquated process that was necessary before Spot2Nite, travelers would Google phrases like, "Campgrounds Near Me," or "Campgrounds near Yosemite".  Then they would need to call individual parks and hope that a park host would answer, or leave a dreaded voicemail inquiring about availability.  Frustrating.)


Once you see search results for your area and dates, you can cruise through profiles and check out photos and amenities for each property.  Click the heart in the corner to save it as a favorite or send it to your friends or family to check it out!


You can choose the type of spot where you'd like to stay (back-in, pull-through, premium waterfront, etc.,) or choose your actual site on the map of the park! We like to stay near the showers if possible or near the dog park to make those early morning walks convenient, so choosing our own spot is always appreciated!Spot2Nite-Park-Map-Mystic

The only thing left to do.... is book!  You pay directly in the app or on the website, and receive an email confirmation stating that you're good to go! In many instances, you don't even need to check in with the park; you can just cruise right in to your assigned spot on travel day!

One of the best parts of Spot2Nite is the user profile.  When you download the app or use the website, you enter specifications for your RV so you only see search results that are compatible to you.  (In other words.... your 40' bus needing 50 amps will never be matched with a 24' spot with 30 amps.) In addition to your specifications, you can also enter the information about your memberships so you never miss out on an available discount! Enter your Good Sam, FMCA, First Responder, Military Service, or other membership information into your profile and once approved, the best available discount is automatically applied to your checkout screen.

Sometimes we plan our travel destinations six months in advance. More often, however, we are thinking, "Let's get away this weekend!"  Whether you're an advance-planner or a last-minute captain of spontaneity, this is a tool to keep in your arsenal to help you get great RV spots in desirable locations! Since the platform works using real-time visibility and booking, you'll be able to see on the web or in the app if the park you love has any last minute cancellations or availability even on those impossible holiday weekends.

Here are just a few fantastic parks on Spot2Nite!

Yosemite RV Resort, California

Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge and RV Resort, Florida

Pigeon Forge Landing, Tennessee

Bay Point Landing, Oregon

What other tips or tricks do you have up your sleeve to find and book great RV spots? Have you used Spot2Nite before? Have you noticed any trends in availability? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! Consider subscribing in the green box below so you never miss a post!

Happy Travels!







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