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I'm On Vacation! And You Can Be, Too!

Spot2Nite co-founder Terry Broussard jumped behind the keyboard this week to give you the dirt on his lovely weekend at the new RV park I'm On Vacation in St Bernard, Louisiana!  Take it away, Terry!

RV Organization for the New Year (12)

I was always fascinated with the French culture of Louisiana, but more so when we lived in other places during our time in the military.  Having returned to Louisiana after 28 years on the road across America and parts of Europe, I came to appreciate the things we took for granted as a child.  In particular were the things that make Louisiana, well Louisiana: food and culture.  The story is best told through the words of the “raconteur”, or storyteller, that I have learned to appreciate over the years.  I’ll do my best here as I “recount” the weekend at the grand opening of I’m On Vacation RV and Camper Retreat in St Bernard, LA.

This past weekend, I was delighted to have an invite deep down the bayou south of New Orleans to a new RV park featured in our app and on our website at Spot2Nite.  Owners Brad and Margaret McCoy have found a sweet spot along the bayou and launched the “I’m On Vacation RV and Camper Retreat”.  Make no mistake, this is not your typical RV park.  This park is for fishing!  The bayou gently flows into multiple larger bodies of water and onto Lake Borgne.  Across from the park with full hookups, Brad and Margaret have developed boat slips for those of you who bring your own boat.  Don’t worry if you don’t, as the business here is fishing guides, which can be booked from any of the roadside docks and marinas.  Be ready to get up early for the charters and to catch fish!

I also learned that St Bernard parish has an amazing part in US history.  Along the highway into the parish are numerous signs depicting the development of the area.  These signs reflect the dates of development with some reaching back to 1778.  At the end of the Yscloskey Hwy is the historical marker for the Battle of Lake Borgne on Dec 14, 1841.  From this point, you can see Ft Proctor out in the marsh.  I am told it was accessible by land back in the day, but has been isolated due to erosion and loss of wetlands.  Adjacent to this marker, another reminder of the area pays tribute to the lives of the parish lost during Hurricane Katrina. 

And did I mention the party?  Brad and Margaret arranged a fantastic time at the launch party featuring music, boiled crawfish, sausage, vegetables, and beverages.  As you can see, the crawfish were amazing.  For those of you who may be unaccustomed to these bayou delicacies, crawfish are boiled with spices, and most often vegetables and sausages as sides.  Honestly, simply the best tasting “mudbugs” I’ve had in quite some time.  

In south Louisiana, it’s all about the family and the “joie de vivre”.  Brad and Margaret have such an amazing story of their passion for this area, and how it all came to be that you will certainly enjoy following them on all social media channels.  So while we work hard, we play harder and “laissez les bons temps rouler” and book your Louisiana fishing adventure at “I’m On Vacation” on Spot2Nite!  

(Not pictured is Brad, who was riding the skid steer loader most all weekend!)

Thanks, Terry, for the scoop on Spot2Nite's newest outdoor adventure spot! Have you tried out this RV park yet? Do you have a favorite local activity in the area, or a must-try foodie spot that can't be missed? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe in the green box below so you never miss a post!

Happy Travels!




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