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Should I Rent Out My RV?

Choosing an RV for your family is a big decision! So many details factor into the purchase of a rig, including the build quality, price, floorplan, design features, and how well the space fits your family. Once you've finally decided upon your rig, another question may arise.... Should I Rent Out My RV?

Much like Airbnb for your home or Turo for your car, there is an exciting opportunity to make money renting your RV in a peer-to-peer marketplace!  There are a few fantastic reasons to consider putting your RV on the market using a site like RVShare or RVezy!

  • Weekend Warriors

    If you plan on living in your RV full-time, renting out your rig would obviously not be a simple feat. However, if your RV is sitting in storage or hogging your driveway during the week, it might be a great time to consider renting it out! You'll get the best of both worlds; take a road trip when you feel like it, and earn passive income when you don't! Wouldn't it be nice for someone else to help you make payments on your rig? With insurance covering your investment, there is minimal risk when using a reputable RV rental service. Your RV can earn up to $40,000 per year on RVShare when you weren't going to be using it anyway, which is a beautiful thing.  You've been towing that thing around the country-- it's time it pulled its own weight for a while! 

  • More Buying Power

    Strolling through the rows of brand-new rigs at an RV dealer is like being in a really shiny, expensive candy store.  Just when you think you know exactly what you want, something even sweeter presents itself! If you have the intention of renting out your motorhome even a few weeks out of the year, you may be able to justify a larger purchase upfront. Maybe it doesn't make sense to invest in the washer/dryer feature with a residential refrigerator and heated flooring for the occasional trip to a local state park... but what if a few of your RV payments were covered by renters?  Bring on the toasty toes! The average RVezy rental brings in $1,400/week. Even if you only rented your unit six weeks out of the year, that's an additional $8,400 buying power. Doing some research about which floorplans are the most desirable rental RVs may help you in your own search and ensure your unit is making money for you!

  • Create Community

    The RV community is known for its strong support system for its members. More often than not, you'll be offered a helping hand if you find yourself in need on the road. RVers understand when you run into a tricky situation because chances are-- they've been there before.  If your RV is rented by a family who eventually falls in love with camping, you're helping to add to this wonderful community. Also, you've likely made a friend! Future camping buddy, anyone? Renting out your RV is potentially a great way to meet like-minded people and grow your network!

Senior couple relaxing in camping folding chairs, camper in background

Still a little uncomfortable with the thought of someone else navigating your investment down the highway? You are in the driver's seat! (Well... figuratively speaking!) 

Set boundaries for rental blackout dates for your family to travel!  After all, that's why you bought your RV in the first place! Being clear upfront about which dates your rig will be off the market will avoid uncomfortable cancellations down the road. 

Your rig, your rules! Maybe you feel comfortable delivering your fifth wheel to the campground and collecting it yourself, so travelers aren't hitching up and driving away with your RV. Perhaps you want to set a higher price in the Fall when the foliage is at peak season. Maybe you only want to rent to families planning a trip longer than three days so there is less time cleaning between uses.  Guess what? No problem! You decide the ground rules for your investment.

You're covered! Assuming you're using a comprehensive platform, travelers will have insurance, roadside assistance, a DMV check and financial processing. If there is an issue, you won't be on your own as if you had stuck a 'FOR RENT' sign on your rig by yourself.  RVezy is a reputable rental platform that covers your RV for collisions, fire, theft, or vandalism. Renter are pre-screened, and a customer service team is available to help if an issue does arise. 

All eyes on you! You're busy with enough to worry about! Once you decide to rent out your RV, the last thing you need is to figure out a marketing strategy on your own to increase rentals and start making money. If you list your rig on RVShare, millions of travelers will have eyes on your RV. (You might want to tidy up for your photos online!) Renters can scroll through your images, filter amenities, search by location, and connect with the perfect RV for their family! (That's where you come in!) 


Dipping your toes into the rental market with your RV is an intimidating prospect. Moving your personal items out of the rig, cleaning between families, and limited flexibility to be spontaneous in your own travel plans are all drawbacks that may cause you to think twice. However, if you do decide to allow your RV to earn income as a rental, there is plenty of support available to you. Facebook groups for RVezy and RVShare owners are full of valuable insight, as well as the care teams within their organizations that can communicate with you directly.  The faster you start renting out your RV, the faster you can start planning the next adventure for yourself!

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